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Monday, June 13, 2005

All Aloney, On My Owney

Just one more Ces nuit d'été, vous pouvez presque goûter eux, là ainsi le bonbon, là comme un festin de delicouse. Que l'odeur d'été chez l'homme de l'air o je souhaitez que j'aie été là

Ah yes, days of summer. How they come and go so fast.

[orangejuice] is lounging in the sun, sipping a drink, a spending his summer days in the pool, beach and whatever recreational swimming area he finds.

We'll be back in September, but check back, because during the summer we may have updates now and then!


Friday, June 10, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 9: Oh. My. G.

Six Glorious Words.

"Brad And Angelina Murdering Each Other"

Let's see how this one plays out tonight in 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'

Apple, yes, apple, is switching to INTEL! Oh dear! They're saying everything will be changed by 2007, but with some of the computers changed over by this time, 2006.

Tiger, macs new running system has said to be shipping over two million copies in a short time. Yippe!

More tomorow, promise.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday, its not over untill the fat lady sings

The [OrangeJuice]

Im sorry to say that this will be my last OJ News, after two months of laughs and almost 2000 views ive decided that im gona take a break and enjoy the summer.

Who will report the News?

As of right now Sterling Brinkly will be doing the news, or a different type of topic, dont worry... if its not funny hes gone and you guys can all vote by leaving a comment. :) lov ya sterl.

Will you report the news again?

Probably... In a galaxy far far away..
Next year? who knows!

Whos on Pop Culture
Good old rob will continue to do that, although due to the
lack of infermation that occurs each day, and having to jam jokes in there makes it sometimes hard, so at times you may notice that he does it every other day or even every three days. I prefer quality over quantity and the quality of OJ has slowly been decreasing!

I give Sterling and Rob my best wishes

Branston out!


Sunday, June 05, 2005

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Hey guys, todays Sunday, and well...finals suck. Finals suck penis. Sucky sucky wa wa.

So sorry, no pop culture today.

news tomorow, pop culture next weekend.

focker out.


We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Hey guys, todays Sunday, and well...finals suck. Finals suck penis. Sucky sucky wa wa.

So sorry, no pop culture today.

news tomorow, pop culture next weekend.

focker out.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

pop culture: day 2, vol. 8: guess what sucks! finals.

yayy! another day of pop culture! But unfortunatly, this one will be cut short, do to the unfourtunate timing of school finals. they suck. the big one.

i'm feeling horrible sick. why? A restaraunt in tawian serves you not with 'normal' things like plates, dishes, etc. but on TOILETS...WITH FLUSH/NO FLUSH OPTION. Well, hey! There's an upside to this! People with eating disorders don't have to go to the bathroom after they eat...they just stay where they are, and wa-la! instant food replay.

while journeying to the movies, as most of you know, our small, quaint theatre was bombarded with a the street. a line to the street! usually it's just two feet from the box office! could this mean 'Pants' is wearing the pants at the box office, and scare off the competition? we'll find out tomorow when the actual numbers come out.

oh yes, and happy birthday angelina jolie...well...*ahem*.

till tomorow.


Friday, June 03, 2005

pop culture: day 1, Vol. 8: Pants. Yes, Pants. And Pregger sex!

[orangejuice] has fans...we think.
just listen to the reviews [orangejuice] is getting.

"I like your little OrangeJuice BLOG....Pretty Neat"
-Fly'in Phil

ahhhh! pop culture!

'Mission Impossible III" maybe shelved! Yep. Tom Cruise's 'would-be' third movie in the MI series is looking like it won't be shot. Why? They're saying Tom Cruise's new personaility is just...weird! Why? because instead of promoting War of the Worlds on all the shows he goes on, he blabs about Scientology and his new 'friend' Katie Holmes. I doubt screaming "I LOVE THIS WOMAN" on Oprah did any good.

THREE (yes, THR33!!) new movies out today:

Cinderella Man
Lords of Dogtown
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Ok, ok, just GUESS which one is getting great reviews, and which two aren't....just guess...ok, ok, i'll give you hints.

1. I wear PANTS.
2. PANTS are cool.
3. Buy me PANTS!
4. You PANT like a dog.

Yes, it's the one about girls who wear pants. Or something like that. It's probbaly just one big ad for Levi's or something. Ah damn.

We all know Britney Spears is a role model for pre-sluts every where. Her new quote? That pregnant sex is the best. Oh dear god. Did anyone teach this woman that when she says 'Sex is crazy good' when shes carrying a child, little boppers everywhere will follow? Be on the look out for desperate wannabe-preggers teen everywhere, this Summer!

Oy vey.

'Till tomorow.


Thursday, June 02, 2005


I have returned from the "battle of the finals!" ..... and i have failed..

Before we begin, school is drawing to a close and the summer in crepin in.
And the question has risen, Summer news/Pop culture?

You decide, do you want Orange Juice to continue over the summer leave a comment!


Vanderbilt Museum releases the largest Whale shark exepit in the world..
Whoaaaaa swwweeett...

President bush had a meeting last night about the gas costs raising, quote "Gas is the most expensive liquid"

Hrmm.. your right bush, orangejuice is 3.50$ water is 2.00$ and ice tea is over 2.50!

Pop Cult tom-