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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 2, Vol. 4:i heart pop culture

It's saturday, raining, and time for POP CULTURE!


To begin, XXX2 got dismal reviews...less than dismal, to be precise. Critics are calling the ending climax one of the 'worst scenes in cinematic history'.

Hooray for hollywood trash!

In a more uplifting light, House of Wax is coming closer, as Movie Life has ended and now, all we can do is wait for May 6th. Boy oh boy, I am ready. Tonight at midnight it is being screened at the TriBeca film festival.



Friday, April 29, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 4: in a galaxy far, far away...

Broken free from the chains of the weekday, let the weekend begin, and to usher this event in, POP CULTURE IS HERE!

We shall begin with TV...

"Reefer Madness", re-made, re-vamped and all that good stuff is now playing on ShowTime. The remake of the 1938 propaganda film against Marijuane (or the 'stuff'...or the 'reefer') that was SO outrageous (Marijuana gives you super-strength, marijuana makes you homicidal, marijuana makes you insane) that it has become a cult hit ever since, spawning DVD releases and so much more.

A musical was made out of it several years ago, and now, it hits the tv as a musical that is hilarious as it is crazy.

Catch it on Show Time.

Movies, and many of 'em. XXX: State of the Union comes out today.
Someone send it back to where it came from.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy also rockets into theatres, and the trailers look...for some reason, it comes off as corny. I doubt it will be one of the top two in the box office, so here's my predicitions for the box office this weekend.

1. XXX: State of the Union (I was forced to do this...:( )
2. The Interpreter (In my dream world, it should come in first)
3. Alot Like Love
4. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
5. The Amityville Horror
6. Sahara
7. Fever Pitch

'Till tomorow, super streeballin' peeps.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

News and all that jazz!

Comments from the fans

A-BOMB, AARON said...

ALbum comin soon...
Legacy: Prodigy and Take OVer


Our..... comments keep getting more and more..... interesting?

Thank you mr. A-bomb.

The News

Green Vale boys varsity lost to.. Yes East woods, laugh it up.. (2 to 1, score)

The Erase Breast Cancer Walk takes place this sunday may 15th, be there or be square.
Or you'll miss the "Erasing of breast cancer!"

Wendys rate is down, they blame it on their.. finger Incident.. i say no more.

Yeaaaaah pop culture robert tomorrow..
-Branston (B-bomb)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Boyz Varsity lacrosse wins 12 to 2 against... Wolfdof? or.. idk how to pronounce it.
But we owned..


Slow week,

Hempsted school district releases school budget a day late!

Roosevlet man was killed today by a hit a run. (no he was not a lawyer... he was a firefighter)

Untill tom-

Monday, April 25, 2005

News and other shat..-tering info. wopie!

Comments from the fans?

Tinkles said...
Do you have any info on Oran Juice Jones? Lubby.

[Orange Juice]
wtf.. no.. juice jones? Por que?

Magical Monday!

And what a day it was.. Boys varsity lacrosse tied our game 4/4 against Allen Stevenson.

Top of the news School budgets are raised? Ohhh Nooo.. Unfortunatly taxes will also from these new School Budgets.

Dont "do" of the week"
Dont... arrest screaming little black girls.. Lawsuit? yes..

Suffok police killed a man by stunning him to death with a stun gun. And what a great way to die..

And heres a comic to make fun of this man..

"Down in hell/heaven"

Man1: I died in world war II.. from eight shots to the head..

Man2: Oh, i was attacked by several wild bears..

Man3: ........tazer! 4 times... hell yea!

Untill tom-


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 2, Vol. 3: Me Tarzan, You Jane

Welcome back, pop-culture dead heads, for the final installment of pop culture until next week!

This weekend box office showed us what we already knew- The Interpreter came in first, Amityville Horror second, Shara third, and Alot Like Love fourth. Oh, silly Ashton. Why the cliche movies?

Actual weekend grosses will be posted next Friday.

Until next weekend,


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 3: We're Ba-ack

Well, after a long awaited return, we've come to life again. Let the pop culture BEGIN!

The Interpreter hit theaters (with a loud bang) this friday, and critics have been reviweing this movie with postive attitudes. Most likely, this will be on the top of the list when the box office numbers are revealed.

Alot Like Love also hit theaters...more like the trailers didn't hype us for anything except the usualy ho-hum story line of boy and girl...with a bit of love...alot like it....Oh well.

In other Pop Culture News, SNL is on it's usualy break and will be a rerun of Jason Bateman with musical guest Kelly Clarkson. Next week (or the week after) will be the live, new show, so check backnext Friday.

Oh yeah..a man sued Disney for using his clown fish as Nemo, in Finding Nemo. The man (who is french) was found guilty for fraud after they found out Nemo was on Disney websites and such while the man published his book about a fish...who gets lose.

Sacre Bleu.

Until tomorow,


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Old Smelly news

Comments from the fans:

Anonymous: LoL

[orangjuice]: Hey guys, lets try and make the comments over 3 characters! grand!

Code of the day : kire sllems dab?

Video of the day:

New pope woopppyyyy... but even better, he's an X member of the Hitler youth.

Thats A PLUS

Nothing big happening, slow week.

Keep watch.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

got news? now you do.

Unfortunatly, Reid has not posted today, so I shall post the news with one big statement....

A new pope has been selected.
Pope Benedict XVI,a german pope!

Tomorow, we'll be back to normal.

Until then.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Newssss Flash!

Maxed out from lacrosse practice but im here for the loyalty of the fans. *bows*

Today/this weekend was fantastic, couldn’t be better i must say. Lets start off... THE NEWS!

Last weekend the walflphin (Mix between a dolphin and a whale) gave birth to a baby. And what a historical moment it was..

Unfortunately the Walfphin was eaten by the Sharktipus!

Also Brittney Spears is about to pop out a baby! And the big question is raised, will the baby be black or white?!.......or chinese or.. or.. EVEN MEXICAN!

We'll find out..

Also that young 13 year old, that "ran away" or was "kidnapped" was found in a pound this weekend.. No she was not swimming.. *hence dead*

Until tomorrow...


Sunday, April 17, 2005

NOTICE: If posting a comment, please enter a name, do not post as 'Anonymous'. If you do, your post will be deleted. Thank you. -[OrangeJuice]

Below is todays post. Enjoy.

Pop Culture: Day 3, Vol. 2: got milk?

All aboard, the P.C. Express...(Look at yesterdays post if you don't know what it means...)

Ok, we'll go back to regular format NEXT weekend. I promise. God, I'm such a fucking procrastinator.

-Weekend estimates officially suck: (These aren't actual grosses, just estimates.) 1. The Amityfuckingville Horror: $8Mil
But remeber, they're just estiantes, so nothing is definite.

-SNL had a great show last night, and yes, football players can act. They return to live May 7th, with Jonny Knoxville and musical guest System of a Down.

-Kingda Ka, the worlds tallest and fastest coaster, has had it's opening postponed. The park says that the tests have been going great, but they need to be sure. Or something of that matter. :( (Six Flags Great Adventure is loacted in Jackson, New Jersey.)

-ABC has officialy used up all the batteries in it's mind control device. It has ANOTHER hit show, "Grey's Anatomy." Wtf? Since when did people like ABC? Oh, since Eva Longoria screwed a 17 year-old gardener, that's when.

Yes, sadly I must retreat back into the space that I call reality.

Until next weekend, pop culture heads.
And enjoy the news, with Reid tomorow.

So long. Farwell. I bid you adu.


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 2, Vol. 2: hello clarice

It's Saturday, and we've got the P.C. Express...Pop Culture Express. Instead of a looong....yet very enjoyable paragraph, today I'm gonna run through everything quickly, since this weekend presents us with a drought of Pop Culture.
Damn comunist pig bastards.

-SNL is on tonight, and yes, it's live, with Tom Brady and musical host Beck. Can people who get payed millions to run with a ball...ACT? [NBC, 11:29pm]

-PSP is getting a few groupies. Large movie studios are planning on releasing movies especially for the PSP. "I got my big break in the 2004 PSP flick, 'Purple People Eater 2: Purple Pandomonium'. It's a cult classic, man."

-'The Amityville Horror' has been bashed by critics. Ouch.

-'The Interpreter' is getting rave reiews, and directory Sydney Pollock and cast Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn are getting rave reviews also. This $80 million flick is coming out April 22nd.

-Kingda Ka, the world's tallest and fastest coaster is opening in 7 days. Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

That's all for now, and we'll be back to regualr format tomorow.

Until then, silly buddha.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 2: omfug

The Horror! The Shier Horror!
I'm back. Yep, Robert's back with...Pop Culture! And it's better than ever. Well, you can't improve on perfection, so it's back...and as good as last time.

Let's begin pop culture with movies being released today. Man, I think I may need, like 30 PAGES FOR THIS ONE!

The Amityville Horror

phew...i think i may need to rest after that list.

Yes, the horror is out today, and let us begin with this: The man and his family, who the original and this (sortof) were based on is calling the re-make horrible, and a big lie that is mostly designed to generate money, and not tell the truth about what happened. And the reviews are crap too.

Now, of course this movie would be SOOOO much better if it were the whole truth of what happened to that family who was fucked over by ghosts back in the seventie's.




Oh my, I would like to see this one come to the big screen.

In other news, Britney Spears is PREGNANT! YAY!


Now she just needs to figure out who the father is.

"House of Wax" has been through ups and downs, as Movie Life: House of Wax, on MTV, which chronicles the movie's making, shows us how the studio burnt down, and an excerpt from next weeks episode (Thursdays at 11) in which Chad Michael Murray is doing a scene, and well...something falls on him accidently.

Hissy fit's insue, until he does the reality-tv cliche of "GET THE CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE!"

Oh Chad.

Until tomorow, my fellow muff divers.

And don't forget, IM us (Robert or Reid) with questions, and we may post yours on the site and anwser them. Oh, the fame that will insue!

I'm out for now.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Weekly news and events. hhyessss..

Comments from the fans

Aaron a.k.a Krossin Guard a.k.a And 1 said...
hahaha..real funny fonzy....i have my shit now so u can git on ya knees n do trix 4 quibitch....o the way member that bullshit u n Aquino said i'm wack at cantake u bitches anyday....anyway...i'm goin on Tour wit And 1 n i'm gettin paid...n i might get a scholarship 2g2 DUKE or NC so u can g fuck yaself....while u gon spend ya summers cuttin grass....i'm gon b bustin ass all over the US.....Krossin Guard a.k.a And 1 will b known...u will remember that fuckin name......Pop Off Pussy....fight me...POP OFF...


Any another wonderful day it was, a new law was pased today that says no "lighters" "matches" are allowed on airliners now..
Oh no! How will i smoke my weed on my plane now!

The search for run away Sarah continues, did she run away?.. Or was she captured and raped!?.. then killed?!... You decide.

and before we go...quote of the day...
"You smell like shit, but I don't complain."
Daniel to Erik. Spoken like a true man.

Stay close for tommorrow.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Weekday News... Im feeling it today

Comments from the fans:

Bruzer19: whenever i click web i wana add a comment or something oh wait?

[OrangeJuice] . . .. . . . .. K..

And what a wonderful day it was. No major "things" happened today, just some break ups, name the few.... Lauren an Crieg.

But we all have to pull threw. The 8th grade GV went to the UN today alot of walking less learning. Food wasent bad, and what the hell it was free. Doesnt get better then that.. right?.. am i right?. On another note a young 13 year old was kidnapped today! gee-wiz. Keep an eye out, FBI officals quote.. "She has brown hair and shes a 13 year old girl" <- FBI at its best. We'll keep an eye out...

Untill next time..


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

weekday news. Ching!


Welp, Welcome back for another wonderful day,
Today i felt like biginning with the video of the day... so here she is. [Copy and paste into browser]

Kingda Ka, the tallest and fastest coaster in the world, opening April 23rd at Six Flags Great Adventure...get a load of that...!...cough.

Now "The" news. oil taxmms? who supports it. We already have to pay tax's on fukin bullshit, and now we have a oil tax. So get ready to be paying up to a dollar in taxes on oil if it passes.


Stay close for tommorrow? Yes, yes, you will.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekday News and yes.. Events.

Ahh... good to be back.

First off i think our weekends popculute.. person.. did a splended job.


But now back to the news, cause it matters most.
Not much has happened sence last week, Pope john paul was burried la da da.. Over 2 million people attented his vast ceremony. Also on a more personal note, Mr. Murphy pased away, he was a dear friend to those who knew him. Also Tiger woods won the golf thing.. im not really sure if anyone watched it but.. yea he won.. THE GOLF THING YOU NO... THE F'IN CHAMPS OR W/E STFU U NO WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT... Also now that [OrangeJuice] has finally upgraded to a actual site we need support/fans/hookers exc exc. Please support OJ by putting this link.. in your profile. We greatly apreciate it, greatly.

That about sums it up, stay close for tommorrow. You no how its done boys.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Weekend Pop Culture: Day 3, Vol. 1

Welcome, pop culture lovers. This is my last installment until next friday, so monday-thursday, enjoy news and current events in the world and at school with Reid Branston, and thanks to Logan Hoover for supplying everything.

Yesterday, Cameron Diaz and Green Day blew us away with a fantastic show on SNL. Though I only got to see tidbits, it definetly looked like a winner. The irony of it all? While racing home to see SNL, I was a mere 20 feet to where the were shooting it.

Oh, the irony.

On wards.

House of Wax, the new, updated horror movie, which is a re-make of a re-make is coming into theatres May 6th (The day we get back from Washington) and seems awesome. Chad Micheal-Murry (Sp?) and Paris Hilton star, along with other new and not new faces. This movie, which is featured on MTV's Movie Life (Thurdays at 11), look pretty damn awesome, and Movie Life is getting me even more excited for it. I saw the poster for it in Times Square yesterday, billboard size, and I was in horror movie bliss for those few seconds I saw it.

Skipping right past The Amityville Horror, news of a new James Bond have come out of the Hollywood woodwork. But just to torture you, I'll let you guess as to who it is until my next Pop Culture installment.

Until next Friday, later, Pop Culture Fanboys.

And enjoy news and events tomorow.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Weekend Pop Culture: Day 2, Vol. 1

Saturday. A joyus day that brings us many-a-pop-culture things.

Saturday Night Live is on tonight (back from it's two weeks of non-live) with Cameron Diaz and musical guest Green Day. Since the show does a few live shows, takes a week (or two week) break. Cameron Diaz and the band's tv spots for tonight seem hysterical (one with Cameron announcing the show, then exclaiming 'Look guys...we're on TV' as they all go into 'THERES-A-CAMERA-HERE' sort of tricks, and one with Cameron announcing the show and then saying 'Who pinched my butt?' as one of Green Day's band members says 'You pinched your own butt'.)
The show looks promising tonight. NBC at 11:29.

Fever Pitch opened friday, and was a mix of comedy, romance, and sports. Probabbly the only funny comedy since 'Meet the Fockers', the end shot of Drew Barrymore running acroos Fenway Park sums the whole movie up. Pretty damn good.

How the fuck does running across Fenway Park mean 'pretty damn good'?

What the fuck?

PSP has been making a big splash in the market, since you cant find one anywhere. Better than Nintendo DS? Maybe. It definetly looks sleeker, and probabbly score with the 13-24 crowd as the Nintendo DS is targeted to the younger ones. Not intentionally though. Why? Nintendo's ads for DS say 'Touching is good', obviosuly referring to masturbation. But why does DS seem so...kid-oriented? Gamecube ruined any 'adult' credibility Nintendo had by releasing mostly 'fluff' games. PSP is hipper, and adult crowds are flocking. Like a flock of seagulls. Not the band. Ew. I'm covered in mid-80's air. It sucks.

'Till tomorow,


Friday, April 08, 2005

Weekend Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 1

It's the weekend, and that means it's Pop Culture time.

Get your cinema mojo on with this weekends Box Office.

Two new movies will be laid upon us today (Friday). "Sahara", the comedy/action about hidden treasure and all that Disney crap, and "Fever Pitch", the comedy about a Red Sox-obessed fan who meets the lvoe of his life and then comes to a cross road. It's either the game or the girl.
Predictible? Maybe. Funny? Looks like it.

Will Smith has been churning out the dollars at the box office when his movie, "Hitch", came into audience's view. Now, to add to the large lump sum, he seems to have released an album "Lost and Found". The commercials for the album says that it features the "HIT SINGLE 'SWITCH'!!!!!"


That's what I thought. But hey, the song sounds good.

In other news, Kingda Ka, currently the world tallest (458ft) and fastest (128mph) rollercoaster is about to open. It resides in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Currently, Six Flags is auctioning the first ride on the record-breaking coaster off on eBay. Go to eBay, type in "Kingda Ka" and you'll see an auction for the first-ever ride on the coaster. The bidding starts at $450, and coaster fan boys are in heaven. All they money goes to a charity, so yeah, it's for a good cause.


Until tomorow, Pop Culture fans.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Weekday News Vol. 1 - Reid Branston

Current Events: Im sorry to announce, Pope John Paul the II passed away last week due to heart failure. :- shame. Also, Peter Jennings (Anchorman) developed Lung cancer, but continues to anchor. WELL DONE!

School related events: On a more minor note, spring sports has finally arrived, some rejoice, some do not, lol. Baseball- Lacrosse? Its hard to choice, two great sports, its hard to decide.(it seems aaron had a hard time choosing his sport, he picked lax, but... didn’t seem to have any equipment..well done!):-)

Video of the Day: (Im going to try to update daily.. Funny, add free videos)