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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

news! Attack!

Guess what! 'Deepthroat' has been identified! What, is this the 600th time they said this? My guess: Na ah.

Uh oh! Do you smell KFC frying some nice chickens! Nope, it's their employees! A KFC was burnt to the ground, along with its employees. Six died. Ouch. Now who's gonna ask me if I want fries with that, hmmmm???

A mother is being brought up on criminal charges for having a stripper at her sons 16th birthday. And?


until tomorow


Sunday, May 29, 2005

pop culture: day 3, Vol. 7: mohawks bring out the bird in you.

random title, no?

well, my friends, our last day of pop culture (!) gives us yet more of the dreaded "POP CULTURE DROUGHT" we've been expiriencing lately. but, from what our sources can find...

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is circulatin oh so many rumours 'bout the whole "bengalina" thing, that its hard to pinpoint whether this unspecified romance will make or break this film at the box office. Then again, it's a 120mil movie, so it needs all the help it can get.

For the weekend box office: (estimates)

1. The Longest Yard $15,750,000
2. Revenge of the Sith $15,470,000
3. Madagascar $14,030,000
4. Monster-in-Law $2,690,000
5. Kicking and Screaming $1,270,000


That seems too low, but then again, it's just estimates. everyone can do the happy dance later.

until next weekend, good people of honor.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

pop culture: day 2, vol. 7:"cough" *cough cough*


snl is sadly not on tonight, since the season finale aired last week. what IS on in its place is 'The Best of Alec Baldwin', which is clips of him on snl. Crapextraodrinaire.

With two new mvoies out yesterday, the competition is stiff: Madagascar and The Longest Yard.

Oh boy, this is gona be a great weekend.

Madagascar is getting some pretty good reviews, even being called 'this summers shrek 2'.

Today, there seems to be a drought of pop culture. I'm so, so incredibly sorry.


Friday, May 27, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 7: The League of Dissapointing

Pop Culture never seemed so good. So good. So good.

Today I feel like ranting about the new video game consoles...

Lately, the news has been circulating around the possible 'dissapointments' Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have realeased, which were at one time some of the most extraordianry...rumours. Yes, that's right. PS3, XBOX360 and what ever the hell Nintendo seems to have crapped out may be just the oppisite of what we all hoped and dreamed of. Now, let's not get into a heated arguement, because, well, the graphics, games and all that jazz will be extraordinary on these Nextgen consoles, but what they promised and what we got might have just been two different things. And then, the actual console seems to be lacking, not in internal, but external. The Xbox360 looks like a piece of modern Ikea furniture (good) created by an amature who is trying to get through college and submitted this design for money to finish the year. (bad.) What is this? I mean, when PS2 and Xbox were head2head, PS2 was the cool, popular and hi-tech brother, and Xbox was the big, kick-ass new brother. X Box totally missed out on having a good-look with it's way-too-modern-for-an-XBox look. PS3, however, took it's sleek-look to the new age, and it's modern look actually works for it, and does not look like an anorexic rectangle. One thing that I'm upset abotu is the controller. Why? The handles on each side look like they were stretched too far. It doesn't look very nice, but most likely, there'll be some updates.

Also, in SCHOOL NEWS....

Student Council Elections 2005

So far, here are the candidates:


Vice President:

(Stiff competition, eh?)


Pretty good people and pretty good competition. Now, we can only guess who will win...and Molly will have alot of campaiging to do with all that compeition.

Aquino for Vice President. Making Your Opinion the Number One Priority.

Until tomorow with more pop culture my fellow foke...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday. Revenge of the hangover

Two Hit and runs occured this week, a mother and her baby were both killed.. "JACKASS" keeps getting better and better..

In other news.. Maria Lapinta was released from jail after the Judge found her innocent of killing her husband, she spent two decades in jail....oppsess?

Runaway Bride Charged With Felony
Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks was indicted for allegedly filing a false police report. She could face up to six years in prison.

When the police talked to her husband about the 2nd incident he commented... "Just shoot the Bitch.."

Also, Brittney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline's reality t.v show premiered this week, I Smell a Sex tape?... Yes, i think so.

Untill Tom-


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 3, Vol. 6: Paris Hilton, Lord of the Internet

Welcome back! It's me, robert, with more pop culture! (This is temporary, we'll be getting back to Reid and news weekdays and me and pop culture weekends soon.)

Paris Hiltons ad for a burger company crashed their site as fans flocked on it to see the bathing suit blondie in the ad that was posted on the companies website. Paris Hilton can crash a website, but she can't SING? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?
Oh yeah, parent groups are calling it 'soft-core porn.' Man, these parent groups have nothing better to do than target people who have more sex then them. So, so sad.

Slump at the box office? Yep. The box office has been in a slump lately, and sadly, contrary to what those hollywood people said, 'Sith' didn't bring it outta the slump. ouch. The force is definetly not with you...BITCHES!

VH1 has something to gloat about. 'I Love the 80's 3D' and 'I Love the 70's Part II' is coming to the pop-culture music channel soon, this being the third volume in the 'I Love the 80's' and the second in 'I Love the 70's'.
How many has VH1 done? let's see...(Not in chronilogical order)

I Love the 80's
I Love the 80's Strikes Back
I Love the 80's 3D (Coming soon)

I Love the 70's
I Love the 70's Part II (Coming soon)

I Love the 90's
I Love the 90s Part Deux

This better be on DVD. That's all I have to say.

Until another time, I Love Pop Culture.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 2, Vol. 6: [insert cheesy star wars reference here]

Ah yes, it's monday, and due to my absence on Sat. and Sun., i'm gonna do Pop Culture a few days this week.

Lets begin with box office:

Star Wars grossed about a bazillion dollars. A shock? No. But beware: It'll take months to get the stench of star wars nerds out of the theaters. Bring haz mat suites next time you attend a flick. 'Sith' actaull made $108 mil. In second, Monster in Law, with $14 mil.

It's too depressing. Until next time...


Friday, May 20, 2005

Pop culture: day 1, vol. 6: jesus mary and joseph in tinsel town, batman!

Ah yes, the good, sweet, pine fresh scent of Pop Culture. Let's begin.


SNL is *Live* tomorow night with it's season finale, featuring Lindsay Lohan and musical guest Coldplay. This marks the end of season 30. Damn, 30 seasons and STILL no dvd...WHATTHEFUCK?

Will & Grace's 7th season finale last nightended with a shocker: Stans alive. With this comes the 8th season, which will begin sometime after the summer. The 8th season is Will & Grace's final season. NBC is just taking everything away, eh?

The OC's second season ended last night. Guns love blah blah blah blah. All in the days work of a rich californian.


Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith came out yesterday, and some think it might make 45mil in its first day! Oh joy. Mixed reviews come along with it, but hey, everyone knows it'll do good no matter what. HELLO? ITS A FRIGGIN STAR WARS MOVIE.

Ouch. Big blow to the people who still have VHS. Everythings going to DVD June 1st. TAKE THAT, 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES!
Instead of "Buy it now on VHS and DVD", it seems to be "Buy it now on DVD and PSP". that is, for the studios who made a deal with Sony to produce movies for PSP-usable thingamajigs. Nintendo must be weeping.

Other News:

Kingda Ka has officialy open today! The worlds tallest and fastest coaster opened with rave reviews and coaster junkies storming the scene. Six Flags Great Adventure currently hosts this beast that will also get another companion! They've already got another rollercoaster in the works, to be built during the season. it's a wooden coaster, and will be the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world. VIVA LA SIX FLAGS GREA ADVENTURE!

Until Sunday (I cant get acesses to a computer tomorow, sorry.)

Reid will be filling in for Saturday, and then back to meh Sunday.

Until Sunday, CRACK IS WHACK!


Thursday, May 19, 2005



Boys varsity lacrosse game, never happened?
Buckly forfitted because they didnt want to play our 9th grade.. awwh?

Angry Dad
The father of a high school softball player was arrested after police said he beat his daughter's coach with an aluminum bat during practice.

Hahhaha... still laughing from that one..

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith was released last night at 12:00. Seen it? Leave a comment.

On another note, Orangejuice is looking for a "Logo" Here are some Possibilities.

1. A crafty picture
2. A catchy phrase
3. A Simple Logo/picture
Send us your ideas! If you would like to sumit a idea IM myself at LaxAttack45 or leave a comment. If we pic your idea not only will it become [OrangeJuice]'s new logo but your name will be posted on the site. The Logo will be picked next Wednesday.


Pop Culture tom-

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wendsday News.


World's 6 Most Livable Cities

1. GreenVale...
2.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3.Frankfurt, Germany
4.Paris, France
5.London, United Kingdom
6.Hong Kong, China

Recipe for Finger Soup..

Mother: Wendy's Finger Used to Settle Debt
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - A man who lost part of his finger in a workplace accident was the source of the fingertip used in an alleged scam against Wendy's restaurants, and gave it away to settle a debt, his mother said.

Gross! WHAT Happens When You Flush?

If this doesn't make you buy a new toothbrush, nothing will. If you flush the toilet without first closing the lid, germy droplets of bacteria from the toilet are released into the air and will likely land on your toothbrush--and just about everything else in the bathroom.

But your bathroom isn't the dirtiest room in the house.
Your kitchen gets that award.

Untill Tom-

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Impromptu NEWS FLASH!

No, not really, but our regualr reporter, Reid is on the battlefield, researching a story. No, no, he's at a Mets game.

News? What news? oh, yes, almost forgot.

Kylie Manouge (sp?) has been diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stages. She is canceling a tour. Oh the humanity!

A man who did a publicity stunt my jumping off the Eiffel Tower was killed...his parachute got stuck on the momument and ripped off.

Man, that sucks.




Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday News. Chemical Romance - Chemical Disaster?


Bed Bugs Bunking in Hotel Beds?

The bedtime saying "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" has become a warning for even the finest hotels in the U.S. amid a resurgence of the tiny bloodsucking pests... whoaaaa nooo!!

Entertainment World

Xbox will be releasing NEW Xbox 360

Some Facts,

There are two packages
One consists of the bare, basic console, controller, cables, etc. It will retail for the standard $299.99 USD.

The other contains the 360, controller(s?), remote, and the HDD (with extra content). This will retail for the bargin, and fairly uninspired, price of $360 USD.
Hell No!

Untill tom-

Sunday, May 15, 2005

pop culture: day 3, vol. 5: You talkin' to me? No, no, seriously, did you call my name or something?

Ahhh the end of the weekend, with still more homework.

To begin:
SNL was very, very good last night, with the power of ex cast nenber Will Ferrel as host. The cold opening was funny, as everyone could hear his thoughts, calling Tina Fey a "dumb bitch" and so much more. The monolouge was also good, as it was made to seem he peed his pants...and embarressed ab audience member. Poor man,

Next week is SNL's season finale, ending it's 30th season with Lindsay Lohan as host.

Now for the weekend box office:


Kicking and Screaming


Kingdom of Heaven

House of Wax

Now, remeber, these are ESTIMATES, real numbers aren't up yet, but tomorow, I'll sneak them in with the news.
(Box office numbers from

In other news...Everybody Loves Raymond ends tomorow, at NINE 'O CLOCK.
Then CBS will be holding a contest for 'best comedy idea that involves FRIENDS who live in a CITY and where ONE is gay and ONE isn't. I smell HBO and NBC suing.

Also, Will & Grace's one hour season finale is this Thursday, but is signed to come back with an 8th season.

In other uber-awesome TV news, NICKELODEON HAS LISTENED TO THE PEOPLE! After years of asking, Nick has released a 'rewind collection' season one dvd of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete". Since it is in "Rewind Collection", I'm sure there are other old nick shows to follow.

Until next week. The force be with you. *And also with you*


Saturday, May 14, 2005

pop culture: day 2, vol. 5: we're not in kansas anymore...not like we started out there either.

Movies, music, and so much more on the pop culture radar.

To begin, viewed House Of Wax last night, and defintly lived up to my expectations. More than a sleezy horror, it had substance, and really fufilled everything in the gore department. Each death was unique and the most gruesome part would be a scene where a character tries to free another (living) character from his wax mold...accidental skinning and shots of a raw jaw ensue. Not to mention everyone clapped when paris died.


In other news, tonight is a new, live episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Will Ferrel. This should be great, and do I smell marketing ploy? Kicking and Screaming was released yesterday.

For now, no updates on the box office, but as soon as the estimates come in, we'll tell you. And cross your fingers that House of Wax gets 45mil plus, it needs a sequel.

Until the day of rest.


Friday, May 13, 2005

pop culture: day 1, vol. 5: it's cnn on steroids

attack of the summer movies!

ok, fine, not summer, but the hollywood summer movies have begun. though it's still spring...sorta.

Today brigns the release of alot of movies.

Kicking and Screaming
Layer Cake

Is it me or did these movies pop outta no where? It's like Kicking and Screaming's trailers decided to air only a week away from its opening, and kind of popped out of no where. Monster-In-Law has been running trailers since After the Sunset, and has been airing commercials for awhile now. Mindhunters, a movie thats been shelved and forgotten by it's distrubitor, and now released for the US has aired its trailers since last month, but thats a little soon for a movie like this. Layer Cake, which hasn't aired trailers (that I have seen) is really on and other movie sites, so more on that tomorow.

Staurday Night Live is airing live tomorow, with Alumni castmember Will Ferrel. I mean come on, this one has GOT to be good.

Until tomorow, young children.


Thursday, May 12, 2005




Boys 7th 8th losses 5/6 to Holy child,... the holy children did talk alot of smack..


Wall collapses at Hudson parkway, damn.

Comments have been added, hopfully- Parke and Max can not misuse them, :) idiots?

Thz is, Slow week. Watch for tomorrow


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


68 comments, all spam. From now on, comments will be no longer accesable, and no more comment will be available to create or view. until we feel it is ok for you all to comment, commenting is gone.

Final comment:
(Max S.)
Madmax7297: Im not gay, but i think eriks attractive, thats not gay though.

[OrangeJuice] Im pretty sure thats gay..


A Private airplane was almost shot down today as it entered restricted air field over the capital of D.C. President Bush at the time was quote "Taking a bicycle ride"

The plane was accidentally off coarse and says his radio was out...


Until tom-
-B to the ranston!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Comments from the fans

Anonymous said...
this website is SOOOOOO stupid

[OrangeJuice] said...
Always nice to hear a comment, smart kid to use "anonymous" too.


Boys varsity lacrosse wins to East woods two to six, (we won this time!)

8 year old Francis was hit and killed by a pizza truck on Sunday, and yes the pizza was delivered in under 30 minutes - or its free.

Dear OJ, readers...
Over the past week harsh, racial comments have been posted - not only about the site but individuals. If these foul comments continue, the option of leaving a comment on a post will be taken away.

Thank you,


ALSO, please read the FAQ. The link is located on the sidebar on the right of this page, at the top. Read it for info on the site and more.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Freakin Mothas day! cha cha cha!

Comments from the fans:

MrFuchs said...
Good Star Wars II review by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats):

[OrangeJuice] said...
Im sure ull be the first of us to see it. Leave us a comment review!
(PS. isn’t it ep III?)

Alright guys! I decided to do the News on a weekend! bah! im bad!. I was away from home for 3 days and you all... "missed out?" on everything So here it is!

For starters... Mothers day, heres a list of.. easy gifts..
1) A candle.... who hasn’t done that one..
2) A Card with a lot of poems/"I love you's"
3) Flowers. Although the next day ull just find out there to strong or she’s allergic to them..


The run away bride, HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! And the decision has been made to execute her.

8th grade visited the D.C for 3 days, it included: The capital building, "glance at he white house?" Kennedy memorial, Jefferson memorial. And many many others.

O SO Many others...

Tomorrows back to pop culture with rob. cheers!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

news: because the stop the stink is in effect.

washington tomorow, my dear home peoples. That means until orangejuice...I'M SO SORRY! (Robert here, Reid is unavailable to post today)

The runaway bride, who said she was kidnapped the day of her wedding, but atually got cold feet and ran away, is still LOVED! Her husband-to-be still wants to marry her....damnit, he had his chance to leave...if only he could see himself in 20 years..

A finger was found in chocolate custard...ew. An employee at a gross little shack resteraunt lost a finger, and the guy who ate it though it was candy...WAY TO GO. No worries, it's some unknown place in the middle of no where.

until Friday homojos.


Monday, May 02, 2005

News and Events! NEAT!

Comments from the fans: Mr Mime: *crying*.....

[OrangeJuice]:...... your crying?....oh! oh! now ur happy? your.. taking somthing out of your.. fake bag... ur unfolding it?.... wow its getting bigger.. Its a big-..

Mr. Mime everyone...

Dey News!

The new Family guy episodes premered yesterday, hurray..

Mothers day is comming up so get ur sweet mother * hopfully ur real mother * a nice gift

Star wars like.... freakin 10 is comming out next month. Watch for sick trailers!!

Untill tom-


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 3, Vol. 4: parting is such sweet sorrow

Comments from the fans:

Anonymous said:
heyyy its mollyyy this orange juice shit is fucking BITCHEN lovee it reeeally funny stufff alright since i get bored of complimenting robert im gonna go noww buhbyee

mollayyy said:
GUYS ur fucking blog didnt show that my comment was like there when i put it as anonymous and now i have to comment again so that it can be put conveniently into ur blog. anyway like i said this orange juice shit is fucking BITCHEN i loveee it its reallyyyy funny shittt lol alright since i get bored of complimenting peoplez im gonna go now buhbyeeee

[OrangeJuice]: why THANKYOU for the FACT that OUR BLOG is BITCHIN'. buh bye.

Oh, be thy not the end of the week end-eth. 'Tis true! Thou hoast one-eth more-eth post-eth before news-eth, TOMOROW-ETH!


Tonight The Simpsons is airing it's 350th episode, and omg, I hope it's good. How many years will the Simpsons stay on air? Billions, my friend...billions. Along with this is Family Guy, airing a new episode. Wow! Fox is funny again! All tonight!

Now for the weekend esitimates:
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Interpreter

XXX: State of the Union

The Amityville Horror (2005)



So I was kinda right with my predicition, atleast!

Until-eth next weekend-eth, o bawdy hand on the prick of noon.