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Friday, May 20, 2005

Pop culture: day 1, vol. 6: jesus mary and joseph in tinsel town, batman!

Ah yes, the good, sweet, pine fresh scent of Pop Culture. Let's begin.


SNL is *Live* tomorow night with it's season finale, featuring Lindsay Lohan and musical guest Coldplay. This marks the end of season 30. Damn, 30 seasons and STILL no dvd...WHATTHEFUCK?

Will & Grace's 7th season finale last nightended with a shocker: Stans alive. With this comes the 8th season, which will begin sometime after the summer. The 8th season is Will & Grace's final season. NBC is just taking everything away, eh?

The OC's second season ended last night. Guns love blah blah blah blah. All in the days work of a rich californian.


Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith came out yesterday, and some think it might make 45mil in its first day! Oh joy. Mixed reviews come along with it, but hey, everyone knows it'll do good no matter what. HELLO? ITS A FRIGGIN STAR WARS MOVIE.

Ouch. Big blow to the people who still have VHS. Everythings going to DVD June 1st. TAKE THAT, 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES!
Instead of "Buy it now on VHS and DVD", it seems to be "Buy it now on DVD and PSP". that is, for the studios who made a deal with Sony to produce movies for PSP-usable thingamajigs. Nintendo must be weeping.

Other News:

Kingda Ka has officialy open today! The worlds tallest and fastest coaster opened with rave reviews and coaster junkies storming the scene. Six Flags Great Adventure currently hosts this beast that will also get another companion! They've already got another rollercoaster in the works, to be built during the season. it's a wooden coaster, and will be the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world. VIVA LA SIX FLAGS GREA ADVENTURE!

Until Sunday (I cant get acesses to a computer tomorow, sorry.)

Reid will be filling in for Saturday, and then back to meh Sunday.

Until Sunday, CRACK IS WHACK!



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its sterling

holar atcha boi

i like to listen to ur literary schemes comrad robert and i hope u have a wwwwwwwondeful day unit

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