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Friday, May 27, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 1, Vol. 7: The League of Dissapointing

Pop Culture never seemed so good. So good. So good.

Today I feel like ranting about the new video game consoles...

Lately, the news has been circulating around the possible 'dissapointments' Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have realeased, which were at one time some of the most extraordianry...rumours. Yes, that's right. PS3, XBOX360 and what ever the hell Nintendo seems to have crapped out may be just the oppisite of what we all hoped and dreamed of. Now, let's not get into a heated arguement, because, well, the graphics, games and all that jazz will be extraordinary on these Nextgen consoles, but what they promised and what we got might have just been two different things. And then, the actual console seems to be lacking, not in internal, but external. The Xbox360 looks like a piece of modern Ikea furniture (good) created by an amature who is trying to get through college and submitted this design for money to finish the year. (bad.) What is this? I mean, when PS2 and Xbox were head2head, PS2 was the cool, popular and hi-tech brother, and Xbox was the big, kick-ass new brother. X Box totally missed out on having a good-look with it's way-too-modern-for-an-XBox look. PS3, however, took it's sleek-look to the new age, and it's modern look actually works for it, and does not look like an anorexic rectangle. One thing that I'm upset abotu is the controller. Why? The handles on each side look like they were stretched too far. It doesn't look very nice, but most likely, there'll be some updates.

Also, in SCHOOL NEWS....

Student Council Elections 2005

So far, here are the candidates:


Vice President:

(Stiff competition, eh?)


Pretty good people and pretty good competition. Now, we can only guess who will win...and Molly will have alot of campaiging to do with all that compeition.

Aquino for Vice President. Making Your Opinion the Number One Priority.

Until tomorow with more pop culture my fellow foke...



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