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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pop Culture: Day 3, Vol. 6: Paris Hilton, Lord of the Internet

Welcome back! It's me, robert, with more pop culture! (This is temporary, we'll be getting back to Reid and news weekdays and me and pop culture weekends soon.)

Paris Hiltons ad for a burger company crashed their site as fans flocked on it to see the bathing suit blondie in the ad that was posted on the companies website. Paris Hilton can crash a website, but she can't SING? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?
Oh yeah, parent groups are calling it 'soft-core porn.' Man, these parent groups have nothing better to do than target people who have more sex then them. So, so sad.

Slump at the box office? Yep. The box office has been in a slump lately, and sadly, contrary to what those hollywood people said, 'Sith' didn't bring it outta the slump. ouch. The force is definetly not with you...BITCHES!

VH1 has something to gloat about. 'I Love the 80's 3D' and 'I Love the 70's Part II' is coming to the pop-culture music channel soon, this being the third volume in the 'I Love the 80's' and the second in 'I Love the 70's'.
How many has VH1 done? let's see...(Not in chronilogical order)

I Love the 80's
I Love the 80's Strikes Back
I Love the 80's 3D (Coming soon)

I Love the 70's
I Love the 70's Part II (Coming soon)

I Love the 90's
I Love the 90s Part Deux

This better be on DVD. That's all I have to say.

Until another time, I Love Pop Culture.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

its sam herzig

no wait
its not


i jst wanted to say that david chappelle has a one hour standup on may 31st


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