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Saturday, June 04, 2005

pop culture: day 2, vol. 8: guess what sucks! finals.

yayy! another day of pop culture! But unfortunatly, this one will be cut short, do to the unfourtunate timing of school finals. they suck. the big one.

i'm feeling horrible sick. why? A restaraunt in tawian serves you not with 'normal' things like plates, dishes, etc. but on TOILETS...WITH FLUSH/NO FLUSH OPTION. Well, hey! There's an upside to this! People with eating disorders don't have to go to the bathroom after they eat...they just stay where they are, and wa-la! instant food replay.

while journeying to the movies, as most of you know, our small, quaint theatre was bombarded with a the street. a line to the street! usually it's just two feet from the box office! could this mean 'Pants' is wearing the pants at the box office, and scare off the competition? we'll find out tomorow when the actual numbers come out.

oh yes, and happy birthday angelina jolie...well...*ahem*.

till tomorow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

im glad i didnt go to the movies then

make a guess who it is

6:24 PM


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