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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday, its not over untill the fat lady sings

The [OrangeJuice]

Im sorry to say that this will be my last OJ News, after two months of laughs and almost 2000 views ive decided that im gona take a break and enjoy the summer.

Who will report the News?

As of right now Sterling Brinkly will be doing the news, or a different type of topic, dont worry... if its not funny hes gone and you guys can all vote by leaving a comment. :) lov ya sterl.

Will you report the news again?

Probably... In a galaxy far far away..
Next year? who knows!

Whos on Pop Culture
Good old rob will continue to do that, although due to the
lack of infermation that occurs each day, and having to jam jokes in there makes it sometimes hard, so at times you may notice that he does it every other day or even every three days. I prefer quality over quantity and the quality of OJ has slowly been decreasing!

I give Sterling and Rob my best wishes

Branston out!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

im like the guy who liked iron maiden
and then they were like
uber ness

10:14 PM


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